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StormTree provides innovative, green infrastructure solutions for the urban environment by combining plant systems with stormwater runoff reduction and pollutant removal. Our systems serve the dual function of providing healthy and thriving trees, coupled with stormwater management.

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StormTree firmly believes that you can't grow a tree in a closed box.  Unlike our competitors that have closed box designs, StormTree provides open-design (Open Sided Open Bottom), green infrastructure solutions for the urban environment with systems serving the dual function of providing healthy and thriving trees coupled with stormwater management reduction and pollutant removal. 

We believe that healthy trees and stormwater management can coexist, starting from the roots up. 

StormTree has a diverse assortment of sustainable options for land use development projects in the urban landscape. StormTree’s unique open design systems allow for unrestricted tree root growth, while suspending pavement naturally without structural supports.

Municipal SEPT 2018 cover StormTree

In 2014, StormTree® was launched and inspired by recognizing a need for a cost-effective alternative to tree box and modular plant systems. Formed on the principal of “Thinking Outside of the Concrete Box™,” we introduced our flagship Open Sided Open Bottom tree filter system with interior sump or attached catch basin for ease of maintenance—no more changing costly filter cartridges and soil. Unlike conventional closed sided tree “boxes”, our systems were designed by prioritizing healthy tree growth, while still providing pollutant removal to satisfy regulatory requirements.


In 2017, we introduced DrainGarden®, the “Urban Raingarden®”. A low and narrow profile shrub planter system for sites where space is a premium. A unique plant “socket” design and stone mulch base provides for a virtually weed-free stormwater management system.

In 2018, we introduced “StreetRoots™” our urban tree pit system for growing healthy and mature tree communities in the urban landscape. A low-cost alternative to underground structural support systems -- suspending pavements naturally.


 StormTree is now working coast to coast in the U.S. and Canada, and is proud to boast the largest array of sustainable plant systems for the built environment.


StormTree® continues to innovate by servicing both the engineering and landscape architecture communities with pragmatically designed and engineered plant systems.


Give us 3 minutes, and you’ll see just what we do.




Phosphorus    63%



Dissolved Copper

*Average pollutant removal rates based on TAPE field study results.


StormTree® provides plan-ready CAD designs, detail sheets, and specifications to aid the engineer and installation contractor. Our standard design sheet provides information for our standard configurations. StormTree® provides alternative configurations and customization to satisfy most site constraints.



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