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DrainGarden™, the Urban Raingarden®


Stormwater (throat) entry with sump cover removed

DrainGarden Diagram.jpg

StormTree's DrainGarden™ is an Urban Raingarden® system designed for highly impervious areas such as sidewalks, parking lots, and open plazas. What is unique about this design, and how it vastly differs from conventional rain gardens and bioretention cells, is that it was designed with the primary purpose of being maintenance friendly while providing long term stormwater management functionality.

A typical raingarden does not include a pretreatment feature to collect and segregate sediment found in stormwater runoff from entering the system. The surface buildup of this sediment typically leads to premature clogging and reduced efficiency. In addition, organic mulch, when used as a surface cover in these systems, degrades over time, which further contributes to reduced efficiency. And the breakdown of organic mulch provides an ideal growing surface for weed germination (introduction) and establishment. Without continued maintenance, many of these systems fail or become eyesores with weeds overcrowding the desirable plantings.

DrainGarden incorporates an interior pretreatment sump hidden from sight which provides sand and sediment collection and segregation prior to entering the system. A non-degradable stone mulch is used in place of organic mulch to discourage the potential for weed establishment. The specified (selected or chosen) plant material is established in a unique raised coiled socket which elevates the plant portion
several inches above its root surface. This intervening layer contains the stone mulch depth. The thick stone layer further reduces the potential for weed establishment. All of these features are designed to reduce or virtually eliminate the maintenance burden.

Provided in multiple dimensions to satisfy even narrow walkways; with optional raised walls or fence enclosures; it is the perfect “pocket” stormwater management system offering a variety of shrubs and perennials to “green up” an otherwise paved environment.


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