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We believe in big trees!


Typical Configuration

StormTree designs and provides tree pit (or tree well) systems for the urban landscape with the twin goals of promoting healthy and vigorous tree growth, while maintaining pavement support (“suspended pavement“) without the need for proprietary subsurface structural support systems.


Our open design tree pit systems are designed to provide unrestricted root growth and promote a healthy growth environment for street trees and are suitable for green streetscapes including sidewalks and plazas.

Our tree pit systems can be designed and installed with the tree at surface grade, or with the tree recessed several inches below grade, as a “tree well”, with the ability to intercept and collect additional surface water, providing supplemental irrigation. Another advantage of recessing a tree slightly below a sidewalk surface, prevention of the potential for the lifting or upheaval of the sidewalk, since root development and spread takes place at a lower depth.

Big Rapids, MI

We provide systems in several configurations and multiple dimensions. Some features include,

  • systems can be installed with underdrain pipes to prevent potential water logging;

  • systems can be integrated with trench and other surface drains;

  • systems can be connected to underground storage chambers for high flow volume control, storage, or harvesting;

  • any standard tree grates can be used;

  • systems can be standalone or interconnected in a series with communal underdrain and conveyance piping

  • reduced installation costs since underground structural support cells and the manual labor involved for installation is not required.

Starting at $3,400 delivered.

Our standard sidewalk tree pit systems start at $3,400 and include a 4 foot by 4 foot precast concrete frame, ADA compliant fiberglass tree grate, support hardware, and sufficient soil profile to support the healthy and vigorous growth of your selected tree.

Whether you are in the concept mode; drawings on a napkin; or well into your design charette, contact us today for more details, plan-ready drawings and specifications. We are ready to provide all the design support you need—no charge of course.

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