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Additional Key Benefits to an Open Design

  • Open bottom allows for the bioinfiltration of water to the subsurface

  • Open design allows for expanding the treatment area with less concrete

  • Open design allows for greater tree selection

  • Open design allows for customization

  • Open design allows for greater flexibility in positioning around existing utilities

  • Open design means less weight: a crane is not required for installation

  • Open design translates to cost savings versus conventional closed tree boxes

Our tree filter systems integrate typical sidewalk trees with stormwater collection and pollutant remediation. Our unique open sided and open bottom design allows for unrestricted tree root growth: conventional closed sided and closed bottomed tree “boxes” restrict outward root expansion which leads to stunted tree growth—at worst… premature death. Quite simply: we don’t believe that you can grow a tree in a box.

Our media blend(s) are designed to provide high volume/flow treatment of incoming stormwater runoff providing high pollutant removal to reduce concentrations of nitrogen, phosphorous, metals, and other contaminants. Our open design tree filters provide biofiltration and bioinfiltration.

Pretreatment by way of the collection and segregation of sand and sediment takes place by way of an interior pretreatment sump, or attached catch basin suited for snow loading areas.

Multiple configurations and dimensions are sized to service catchment areas of one acre or greater. Its small footprint allows use on highly developed sites such as parking lots, plazas, and sidewalk streetscapes. Can be installed as a standalone system or in series as well as coupled with underground chambers for high flow detention, or as a rain water harvesting and storage facility for future reuse as supplemental irrigation.

Standard System Configurations

Customization with no additional charge!

Stormtree Configuration Layout.jpg

Suitable ​for narrow sidewalks!

Alternate Configuration

Specifications for meeting stormwater management goals

Specifications for meeting specific pollutant removal rates under the
TAPE program

TAPE Certification

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